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Sara Henya is a singer, songwriter, and harpist based in Philadelphia. Her musical style is eclectic; taking inspiration from folk, pop, jazz, and fantasy. Using the harp as her accompanying instrument, she also frequently performs with a drummer, violist, and bassist. This combination of instruments creates an atmospheric sound that transports the listener to another place. Her music explores unique themes, and breaks the traditional pop format with intense chord progressions and syncopated rhythms.

After performing extensively in and around Philadelphia at venues like The Grape Room, The Barbary, and Sprout Music Collective, Sara Henya released her first single, “Run, Run,” on May 5th,  2018 and her debut EP entitled, “Small World Alchemy,” on May 20th, 2018. “Small World Alchemy,” has received widespread radio play on Folk and Alternative programs such as Out of the Woods, Power FolkWomenspace, and Radio 104.5’s Live at 5

Depending on the venue, Sara Henya uses two different styles of harp; a pedal harp and a lever harp. Her pedal harp, a Lyon and Healy Style 100, is a full size harp, similar to what an orchestra would use. Her lever harp, a Lyon and Healy Ogden, is smaller and more portable, but is designed to have the same broad sound of a harp much larger. Other than size, the main difference between the two is the mechanism to change the tuning or key.